These are the letters of Thomas Winton Fisher; his wife, Frances Ann Fisher; and a few other realtives written during the war between the states.  While the originals are believed to still be in existance, these letters are transcribed from copies and other trancsciptions that have been so graciously made available to me.



Thomas Winton Fisher  was born June 9, 1837 in Wythe Co., Va.., and died November 2, 1921 in Crockett, Va. and is  buried in the MT. Ephraim  Meth. Chruch Cemetery.  He married (1) Frances Ann Fisher November 11, 1857 in Wythe Co., Va., daughter of Reuben Fisher and Susan Fergus.  He married (2) Lenora L. Spraker January 1, 1866, daughter of Jacob Spraker and Nancy Hoilman.

(Thomas Winton Fisher's daughter)

He was a carpenter and farmer by trade, he lived a long useful Christian life.   He was also a good singer and a consecrated Methodist Christian as he was brought up in a Christian home.    He followed closely the scripture which reads "Train a child up in the way he should go and when its old it will not depart from it."    Me being his daughter never seen him under the influence of intoxicants or ever heard him swear an oath.    He was first married to Frances Ann Fisher daughter of Reuben Fisher.

Thomas Winton Fisher was in the Confederate Army, enlisted 5/1/1862 at Crockett, Va., was in the 51st Virginia Infantry Co. K. Was taken prisoner of war at Waynesboro, Va. 3/2/1865.    Fought at Harpers Ferry to Winchester to Ft. Del. 3/12/1865, released there 6/20/1865.    He was a residence of Wythe County.    Had fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes, 5'6" tall. 

  Children of Thomas Fisher and Frances Fisher are:
  2 i. John Cooper7 Fisher, born December 13, 1858; died November 10, 1862.
  3 ii. Jason Alfred Fisher, born August 13, 1860 in Wythe CO, VA.; died December 6, 1943 in Max Meadows, Wythe, Va..  He married (1) Mary Coldate.  He married (2) Dovie Ann Houseman September 16, 1880 in Wythe CO, VA..
  4 iii. Reuben Paulette Fisher, born February 23, 1862 in Wythe Co., Va.; died October 16, 1928 in Wythe Co.,  buried in the  MT. Ephraim Meth. Church Cemetery.  He married Ellen Caroline  "Ellie" Hedrick April 27, 1882 in Wythe Co., Va..

  Children of Thomas Fisher and Lenora Spraker are:
  5 i. Ellen Porter7 Fisher, born January 9, 1870 in Wythe CO, VA.; died January 25, 1954 in Virginia.  She married Charles Wolford December 27, 1888.
  6 ii. Laura Caroline Fisher, born March 30, 1872 in Wythe CO, VA..  She married (1) Stephen F. Dean.  She married (2) McTeer Smith November 7, 1889 in Wythe CO, VA..
  7 iii.Medora Kieffer Fisher, born September 5, 1874 in Wythe CO, VA.; died March 29, 1956 in Wythe CO, VA..  She married Gordon Chesley Irvin June 7, 1894 in Crockett, Va.1.
  8 iv. Frances Leticia Summers Fisher, born March 16, 1878 in Wythe CO, VA.; died March 5, 1941.  She married William Riley Hilton April 22, 1896 in Wythe CO, VA..
  9 v. George Elbert Munsey Fisher, born June 29, 1881.  He married Nancy Schrader January 20, 1904 in Bristol, Sullivan, Tennessee.
  10 vi. Willie Sawyer Fisher, born January 28, 1884 in Wythe CO, VA.; died November 22, 1925.  She married Leftwich Irvin January 30, 1901 in Wythe CO, VA..

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